Dear reader, welcome to our blog IdeandoArt!

Here you can find our creations, mostly cupcakes but also DIY, crochet and some more… In our gallery, there is a picture of all our creations with a link to each post.

You can find our Swiss meringue buttercream recipe in English. It's easy and great for decorating your cupcakes.

If you would like to acquire any of our customizable amigurumis, please write us an e-mail and we will tell you how to proceed. We make international deliveries.

You can find the Google translation tool on every page. Sometimes it's a little tricky... so you can contact us for a translation of the post(s) you're interested in ;-)

We hope to inspire you with our ideas and projects, feel free to leave your comments on our posts.

For being always updated, you can follow us on Instagram (posts are also in English), Facebook or Pinterest, where you will find more inspiration and nice ideas 

Thank you! Enjoy your visit

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